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Tariff Time Series

Comprehensive dataset containing more than 170,000 quarterly fixed broadband tariffs from around the world.


They have been offered during 2010 to the present day by more than 500 operators from 98 countries. Both tariffs in local currencies and in $PPP are available.

What We Measure

Stand Alone & Bundled

We report tariffs where broadband is offered as the only service (standalone) and tariffs where broadband is offered with other services such as TV, telephony and mobile services. These packages are known as double play, triple play, quad play etc bundles.

Residential & Business

We report both residential and business broadband tariffs.


The dataset enables to analyse the differences in pricing and bandwidth between the three major fixed broadband technology groups – copper, cable and fibre. These can be further split into ADSL, VDSL, FTTB, FTTH, etc. The tariff dataset also includes wireless (FWA, satellite) and mobile broadband tariffs.

Time Scale

The dataset includes quarterly tariffs from Q4 2010 up to the latest quarter. It will be updated every quarter.

The tariff database covers all major fixed broadband operators from more than 90 countries across the world. See this data sample file for more details on the specific tariff data and the fields included.


The data can be used to analyse global, regional and country level trends in tariffs and bandwidths offered. The data can also be used to track changes in the tariffs offered by individual operators.

Why Use Tariff Time Series?

This comprehensive dataset enables users to analyse the dynamics of broadband pricing, bandwidth and convergence (bundling) over the last 10 years at the global, regional, country and operator level.

TTS can help to answer the following questions:

  • How did the monthly charge for broadband services change over time?

  • What bandwidth could the users expect over copper, cable and fibre?

  • What was the cost per megabit of broadband provided using different technologies?

  • What bundle combinations were offered over time and how did they compare with standalone broadband?

  • How did operators compare with each other?

Sample Analysis: Tariff Trends in France and the UK

In the attached report, see the complete analysis of broadband tariff trends in France and the UK based on the TTS data. To access it download the pdf file. Below are only two of the multiple charts included in the report.


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