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Surveys & Online Video

As competition builds for gigabit operators and the pool of new customers (either brand new or just new to the technology) gets smaller the issue of how to grow a subscriber base and set a sustainable ARPU gets more challenging.


Access to more services, particularly those enhanced by more bandwidth is one key way that ISPs can differentiate themselves from the competition and start to improve their acquisition and churn of customers.

Video is top of the list of those services and Point Topic can inform you decision making and planning with a suite of data inputs and analysis. Surveys help us generate specific metrics on regional market shares, churn and the impact of services on operators.

Regular Surveys

Regular surveys asking consumers which ISP, speed package and service they subscribe and to what extent over the top TV/streaming bundles drives their decision making

Postcode Data

Postcode database of ISPs and technologies updated monthly keeps the footprints fresh

Global IPTV

Tracking global IPTV subscriptions and market shares since 2010

UK Operators

UK operators and tariffs updated quarterly, with video bundles and without

What are your questions and how can we help answer them?

We’ve picked the questions that we want answers to.  If you have more then just let us know

  • What are the ISP market shares overall and by UK region

  • What are the footprints of the ISPs and operators and what does that mean for competition

  • What is the take-up rate and how does it vary across the UK and by ISP

  • How many subscribers are selecting a TV bundle and how does that affect market share

  • How important is a TV bundle to a consumer and how much does it affect their decision making

  • What is the churn rate?  From who to who and does video have an impact?

  • What are the most successful online video options and how do consumers choose to access them

  • Who are the losing and gaining providers and do TV/streaming services have an impact?

You can see the outline of our surveys and samples of key outputs below

Post sector/postcode fields and metrics

  • Market share by ISP

  • Churn rates - who is losing and who is gaining and what’s the variance from the national number/s

  • Subscriber numbers, headroom and potential

  • The impact of over the top video services on consumers' ISP decision making

  • What channels and devices are in use and where

  • Speed test analysis - where are consumers adopting the higher bandwidths and where aren’t they

  • What TV/streaming services are used and how consumers access these services by region

Read a sample survey below


Surveys, outputs and crosstabs, quarterly updates with stats, maps and metrics down to the post sector level and specific outputs for your chosen ISPs (BT, Virgin, TalkTalk and Sky included)


Crosstabs and outputs from our half yearly surveys with YouGov




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Add custom question for you alone - £450/survey round or £650 for two rounds/full year


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