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Technetix is a leader in the design, manufacture, sourcing and supply of critical world-class high-speed broadband communications solutions on behalf of major cable MSO and PTO communications companies worldwide.

It has been using Point Topic’s global Broadband Operators & Tariffs service for several years to ensure its teams have the most up-to-date and comprehensive broadband operator data.

Business Analyst Liz Wells joined Technetix five months ago and has been using Broadband Operators & Tariffs ever since. She is responsible for performing market and customer and competitor research for the Technetix executive and sales teams, providing them with the means to make informed strategic decisions and be fully briefed when visiting customers.

“I use Point Topic’s customer and country profiles to ensure our teams have most up to date information on our customers and the countries we operate in. The Global Broadband Statistics is the most useful part – I like being able to produce tailor made reports to our specific requirements. I also find the World Broadband Statistics PDF reports useful for an overview. What makes Point Topic’s service different is that it’s intuitive to navigate and the information is easily accessible.”

Liz Wells

Business Analyst

The Broadband Operators & Tariffs profiles more than 260 operator services in 90 countries every quarter to relay to latest market information and activities by key players. Each profile includes a host of data from bandwidth availability and service types and tariffs to installation and kit charges, marketing and equipment suppliers.

Ms Wells says the service has helped Technetix to strategically decide to move into new markets and believes the information provided is the most comprehensive available on the market.

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