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Telefonica Praises Point Topic’s Global Data Services

Telefonica is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, with a customer base of more than 280 million stretched through 25 countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. And for some of its key decision making processes, it uses data from Point Topic, the Europe-based world leaders in broadband analyst data.

Today, Telefonica has two key products from Point Topic – Broadband Operators & Tariffs and Global Broadband Statistics. Point Topic’s broadband tariff information is of particular value to Ana and her colleagues. It is this capability that makes the company stand out in this area of the market.

“The quantitative information that these services provide is very useful in the areas of strategy, competitive analysis, business development and regulation within Telefonica, because they are the people in the company that use this information to compose reports that will be used in the decision making process. As well as this, we use the data to analyse and compare our position in international markets and in relation to the Spanish and international regulatory situation. The specialisation in broadband at Point Topic is outstanding, the tariff service especially, which is better than other sources we know and the general level of detail is so much greater. They back this up with good customer support and excellent value for money. I am very satisfied with the service.”

Ana Hervas Cortes

Telefonica Research Librarian

Responsible for information for Spain and for Telefonica’s Corporate Unit in Madrid.

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