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Broadband Vendors

Point Topic gives broadband vendors information about the business environment they are working in. But every vendor is different so the details vary for each company.

Country overviews and our Global Broadband Statistics subscriber database and forecasts give vendors facts about the market as a whole.

Vendors need this to plan their strategy, decide which markets to enter, how to spread investment between them. Which are the key players? How much competition is there? What is the regulatory environment? How big is the market, how is it shared between ISP and technologies, how fast has it been growing, how fast is it forecast to grow?

UK Plus meets all the needs above, but with much more detail for the UK marketplace.

Our new service Broadband Competition Map of Europe offers vendors a strategic overview of where the broadband markets are within the European Union and where the potential is.

Broadband Competition Map of Europe is for any organisation which needs to have an international view of the broadband market in Europe. The companies big and small which supply the software and hardware to deliver broadband need to see where they can sell which products now and in the next few years. They use this knowledge at all points in their value chain, from steering research programmes through business planning to building distributor networks.

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