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Supporting IPTV Providers

Defining the market and targeting consumers based on broadband speed

Any VOD system that delivers content via an internet connection requires a minimum download speed to function effectively. Higher speeds are needed to watch high definition content. Consumers who fall beneath this minimum threshold will experience a low-quality service or no service at all.

Local targeting

Point Topic model the expected download speeds across 28 countries in Europe. We also forecast the likely availability of superfast broadband in the next five years.

According to our current estimates, 20% of households in Europe cannot receive speeds over 2Mbps – the standard threshold for streaming online content.


  • Understanding the market now – What % of the marketplace can receive speeds above the threshold

  • Understanding the market potential – We include five-year forecasts for superfast service roll-out.

  • Targeting communications – Only target those areas with a high chance of receiving the product.

  • Linked through to demographics – Who can receive what speeds?

Understanding the Market

Point Topic’s Global Broadband Statistics service provides quarterly updated subscriber numbers for the world’s leading IPTV providers. Global Broadband Statistics is a searchable online database containing current and historical quarterly subscriber numbers for 600 broadband, IPTV and VoIP operators from more than 100 countries.

Clients can search and compare data by operator, country, region, technology and time period. A facility to perform calculations for net growth, market share, penetration by population and household is included. All charts and data tables can be downloaded straight to your desktop.

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