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The Satellite Opportunity

Satellite broadband operators face the same challenges as their terrestrial counterparts. Competition is fierce for everyone. Technology keeps us all on our toes as it evolves and interferes with careful planning. Added to this is the lodestone of the old Ku broadband legacy.

However satellite is now on the edge of real opportunity. With mass market broadband adoption a given the demand case has been proven now you need to take advantage of it. But how and where?

Point Topic can give you the edge.

How Point Topic can support satellite providers:

Our product suite gives you access to all that you need to make your programme a success. Whether you’re planning for the next generation of launches or trying to establish where your spot beams should point or just plain old selling more units we can help.

  • Global Broadband Statistics – subscriber numbers and forecasts – how much opportunity is left and where is it? What will the market be in 5 years time? Where is it all going to happen?

  • If you’re in Europe we can even offer you all this with a geographic context too. Not only who and what and when but where as well. Where can you grow? Where is the opportunity? What’s the best way to spend your budget, be it deployment or marketing?

Satellite providers are one of the few trans-national suppliers with a unique set of requirements. Point Topic is used to servicing these needs and has the only complete European broadband market intelligence service available today.

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