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Our Services

The best strategies are based on the best information. Point Topic provides the foundation for intelligent decision making worldwide.

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Our Services

UK Plus

Data, analysis, reporting and news service delivering the most  up-to-date UK broadband market information available to support your benchmarking and strategic decision making.

Global Broadband Statistics

Database of broadband, IPTV and VoIP quarterly subscriber numbers. Covers over 500 operators from more than 100 countries. Searchable by operator, country, region, technology and time period

UK Mapping

PointTopic and thinkbroadband collaborate to bring you ThinkPoint offering the most complete, up to date, granular and accurate representation of where broadband is today, from who, provided how and what the current and future picture of supply and adoption is.

European Broadband Markets

Maps and datasets of broadband coverage by technology (DSL, VDSL, FTTP, Cable, LTE) for every km2 in every EU28 country.

Tariff Time Series

Comprehensive dataset containing more than 170,000 quarterly fixed broadband tariffs from around the world. They have been offered during 2010 to the present day by more than 500 operators from 98 countries. Both tariffs in local currencies and in $PPP are available.


Point Topic offers bespoke work and consultancy across a range of broadband related topics.  Our clients make additional use of our insight and expertise on a regular basis.

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