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Global DSL specialists ASSIA Inc

Highlight Point Topic data as a vital component in strategy planning

ASSIA Inc., ( is today one of the main reasons why DSL technology remains at the core of the broadband revolution. ASSIA’s unique ability to provide its customers with dramatic improvements in both speed and reach are the major factors behind the staggering growth in ASSIA’s market share of 100% every year since 2006. The company now manages more than 35 million lines worldwide and so detailed market data is critical to maintain growth and reputation.

ASSIA supports service providers in Europe, Asia and the Americas and behind the scenes Point Topic’s in depth research helps it to make the right decisions, right across the planet. ASSIA relies on Point Topic’s widely-acclaimed Broadband Operators & Tariffs and Global Broadband Statistics services.

“We value very highly what Point Topic provides for us. The detailed data on each operator in each market that is now available to us is commercially valuable and competitively priced. Using it, we can be confident that we know the position of broadband and the trends associated with it in markets across the world.
Broadband Operators & Tariffs helps us easily recognise the size of an operator, the number of customers they have, the types of technologies deployed in their networks, their pricing to their customers and even the operator’s technology providers. This type of information is virtually impossible to uncover elsewhere and the summary provided with it helps us to understand operators’ current and future technology plans"

Dr. Marc Goldburg

Chief Technology Officer and Executive VP

ASSIA had been using free data available to it as members of the Broadband Forum for more than three years before it finally decided to subscribe to Point Topic’s research in 2009. The company finds Broadband Operators & Tariffs the most valuable tool to support its international market presence.

Mr Goldburg added that Broadband Operators & Tariffs is used to assist ASSIA in prioritising accounts. The Global Broadband Statistics service – which includes a breakdown of IPTV provision – is also important to ASSIA.

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