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Broadband Data
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Our Services

UK Analysis

Data, analysis, reporting and news service delivering the most  up-to-date UK broadband market information available to support your benchmarking and strategic decision making.

Global Broadband Statistics

Database of broadband, IPTV and VoIP quarterly subscriber numbers. Covers over 500 operators from more than 100 countries. Searchable by operator, country, region, technology and time period

UK Broadband Mapping

PointTopic and thinkbroadband collaborate to bring you ThinkPoint offering the most complete, up to date, granular and accurate representation of where broadband is today, from who, provided how and what the current and future picture of supply and adoption is.

European Broadband Markets

Maps and datasets of broadband coverage by technology (DSL, VDSL, FTTP, Cable, LTE) for every km2 in every EU28 country.

Tariff Time Series

Comprehensive dataset containing more than 170,000 quarterly fixed broadband tariffs from around the world. They have been offered during 2010 to the present day by more than 500 operators from 98 countries. Both tariffs in local currencies and in $PPP are available.

European Broadband Observatory

Individual profiles on over 5,200 fixed broadband services offered by nearly 400 operators from 90 countries and a full listing of bundled & standalone broadband tariffs for each operator in Europe.

Business Graphs


Point Topic exists to provide the best broadband market intelligence for our customers to make the best decisions possible.

We believe that broadband for all (broadband everywhere) is one of the greatest contributions our generation can make to the world. When businesses, people and governments can access the internet and interact at broadband bandwidths it is to everyone’s benefit. Point Topic is proud of our small but important contribution to the current and future spread of broadband across the globe.

Since 1998 we have gathered, analysed and published information sets that are used across the industry and beyond as the foundation of reporting, planning and strategy. We strive to provide insight, context, sourcing and transparent reporting so our users can follow the data inputs through to the information outputs with confidence.

The best strategies are based on the best information. Point Topic provides the foundation for intelligent decision making worldwide.

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"We find Point Topic excellent to work with, knowledgeable and very flexible in terms of generating our joint INCA-Point Topic industry reports"

Independent Networks Co-operative Association

Malcolm Corbett

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