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Research Round-up June 2024

Updated: Jul 3


Key publication of the month:


Analysis of Q1 2024 UK ISP metrics

In summary

  • Total Q1 2024 FTTH/P/B, FTTC, cable, FWA/satellite and DSL wholesale and retail connections saw a very slight increase during the quarter and stood at an estimated 28.90m from 28.86m q-o-q and similar to 28.89m in the previous year.

  • The fixed broadband retail market remained relatively static with ~38k net broadband subscriber additions compared to ~29k net additions in Q4 2023, and -65k at the close of Q1 2023.

  • We estimate that BT’s Consumer division (which includes business) saw an overall loss of ~66k subscribers; compared to Q4 2023 this represented around a 0.62% decrease in the retail segment, but saw strong growth in its FTTP base adding 258k FTTP connections to reach ~2.58m up 40% y-o-y.

  • Openreach’s FTTP connections increased by 397k q-o-q and reached 4.70m up from 4.30m and its average build rate reached 78k premises per week with a footprint of 13.81m premises.

  • VMO2’s FTTP fixed network deployment (primarily on behalf of nexfibre) passed 1m premises throughout the year.

  • Independent (or AltNet) providers also struggled with economic headwinds as they have slowed down their FTTP network rollouts to focus on subscriber take-up, and saw ~70k net additions down slightly from around ~80k additions in the previous quarter. 

  • In May, CityFibre reported that its ‘customer connections now exceed 400,000, an increase of 77% year-on-year.’ Its network covered 3.6m premises with 3.3m being ready for service.

  Table 1.  Retail ISP broadband net adds/losses, Q1 2023 to Q1 2024.
Table 1. Retail ISP broadband net adds/losses, Q1 2023 to Q1 2024.

*BT Consumer includes EE and Plusnet subscribers, **Quarterly growth attributed to integration of Shell Energy Broadband subscriber base which was previously a wholesale client. Source: Point Topic estimates and company reports.

Read the complete article here.  

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